Graphic Design

The foundation of marketing is great content, so we at Fethouse Marketing operate with this in mind in order to deliver the goods. Originality is always exempt from great design when your engineer has his mind in a box. We’re here to help free your ideas to promote prosperous media. Now, let’s go!

Logo Design: $50

We provide you with two alternate renditions of your new logo, color changes, 3 different PNG sizes and original project file.

Flyers: $75

All flyers are are designed in CMYK color format and include original project files.

Brochures: $150

Brochures are designed with your company’s image and brand in mind and come with original project file.

Banners: $25

All banners are designed in high resolution RGB color format so they display beautifully on all view ports. Comes with 3 different sizes

Business Cards: $50

Business cards are designed in high resolution CMYK color format and print ready. Includes original project file.

Photo Manipulation: Contact

Need a building removed from a photo? Airbrushing? How about a face in your cauliflower.