Website Design

Whether this is your first website or another business idea hitting the online stage, we make the process simple and are happy to answer all of your questions during the development process. All focus is on you, the client, and the common goal that we plan to reach during post-production. Eyes on the prize!


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All of our websites are search engine optimized to promote good Google rankings. Lightweight and easy to update – In addition to saving you money in the long run, every website includes 6 months free maintenance.

Other Services:

Website Makeover: $75-$375

If your website pre-dates the dinosaurs or you feel it could benefit from a good old fashioned face-lift, then get in touch and we can discuss in detail.

Monthly Maintenance: $50

We’ll update and maintain your website’s CMS, plugins and schedule regular backups so you know your website is always in good hands.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization): $100

If your website is getting lost in the search engine rankings, we’ll optimize your pages, keywords and images so they are presented ¬†properly to all search engine crawlers.


*Every website is different, but all adhere to a terms of use. Please read this document so you can work with Fethouse Marketing with confidence.